🇩🇰 Copenhagen Quick Hit

Canal from Højbro bridge

I stopped in Copenhagen for a very quick sampling of the city on the Chernobyl/Kyiv/Riga/Berlin adventure. The weather was cold and rainy, so I stuck to indoor activities in the city center area. Here are few highlights of a city I hope to return to for a proper visit.

Cabinn City Hotel
Danish chain of affordable, cozy, utilitarian hotels. This one is on the edge of the city center, near the Tivoli Gardens and central train station. It has the feel of a hostel but with private micro rooms. It’s a Danishly efficient layout with just enough room to crash after a day exploring the city, and common areas to mingle with other travelers. Great breakfast buffet for $10.

Great place to sample dozens beers from all over Europe and hang out with the locals. Flights and happy hour options are good values. Near the Town Hall.

Restaurant Ida Davidson
5th-generation family restaurant featuring the famous smørrebrød Danish open-face sandwich. Good mix of locals and tourists.

Bronx Burger Bar
When you reach the point in a long trip where need a taste of home.

Torvehallerne market
Cozy indoor market with a variety of local produce and products. Also home to the excellent Coffee Collective.

Round Tower
Walk up the circular ramps for a good view of the city, on a clear day!

GL Strand Art Center
A small, canal-side center with a rotating program of exhibitions and films. I stumbled upon an awesome Stanley Kubrick exhibition!

Tårnet on the roof of Christianborg Palace.
Another good roof-top view of the city, this one on top of the Danish Parliament.

Arnold Busck book store and stationary
A nice respite from the cold and rain on Købmagergade, a pedestrian shopping street.


Transport from the airport is quick and efficient, either trains or Metro. The city is walkable and of course very, very bikeable.

English is widely spoken as most of the Danes are fluent or close to it.

Denmark is not on the Euro, and the Kroner coins take some time to get used to. Yes, it is expensive, but there are free attractions and good deals of food, drink, and lodging if you take time to do research.

Compact en-suite room at Cabinn City Hotel
View from the Round Tower
View from the Round Tower
Stanley Kubrick exhibit at GL Strand art center
At the GL Strand Art Center
View from Christianborg Palace, Parliament
View from the Danish Parliament
Købmagergade shopping street
Parking lot at the Dutch Parliament
Parking lot at the Danish Parliament
Storkespringvandet - Stork Fountain
Stork Fountain


Copenhagen Central Trail Station
Central train station

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