↜ As Tech Invades Cycling, Are Bike Activists Selling Out? | WIRED

Now in the cycling business, Uber, Lyft, and others are co-opting the experience of longtime safe streets advocates.

Source: As Tech Invades Cycling, Are Bike Activists Selling Out? | WIRED


The trend started a few years ago with active transportation advocates moving into the private sector more generally, especially the planning and design firms that work on new bike/ped infrastructure. The 2018 moves to scooter companies are the continuation of this trend.

The bike/ped advocacy world is maturing. The organizations are increasingly sophisticated in public policy, organizing, outreach, media relations, etc. It makes sense that the nonprofit professionals doing this work would find complimentary opportunities in the private sector firms working in the active transportation space.

We are building an ecosystem of professionals across the nonprofit, government, academic, institutional, and private sectors. And now our colleagues are increasingly moving between these sectors. When our employees gain diverse experiences in diverse settings, it enriches all of our organizations.


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