↜ GrantAdvisor: A TripAdvisor for nonprofit funders

GrantAdvisor.org completes the feedback loop between nonprofits and foundations — check out what your colleagues are saying, and write your own reviews today.

Source: GrantAdvisor: Write Reviews, Transform Philanthropy

A new service where nonprofit professionals can review and rate their experience with funders, see other nonprofits’ experience with prospects, and read funders’ responses to their reviews. GrantAdvisor is newish and it’s still early days for building the database of funder reviews. Nonprofit peeps, get to writing!

  • Formalize and structure the existing informal intelligence network of information-sharing between nonprofit professionals
  • Anonymity allows for honest feedback without fear of retribution, while allowing funders to respond on the record
  • Allow nonprofits to make better decisions about which funder prospects are a good fit and which are not worth the time, energy, or unintended consequences.
  • Funder profiles are only available if there are minimum of five reviews, and only a small number of funders have reached that threshold.

🎙Listen to two of GrantAdvisor’s leaders discuss the project on the Tiny Spark podcast.

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