Twitter lists for mobility and cities

Twitter lists are a great way to organize your timeline, focus on a specific topic, and stay up to date without following a lot of individual accounts. Here are some of my favorites in the mobility and city worlds:

Urban Leaders of Color
from @mslynnross, amplifying 200+ BIPOC urbanists, planners, designers, etc.

Diversity in Mobility
from @natalia_barbour, with 100+ diverse voices on mobility.

from @BarbChamberlain, with 200+ people and organizations working for transportation justice and equity.

Cities and Transport
from @bragohe with 700+ people, many tweeting in languages other than English.

from @Boenau with 1,600+ people tweeting about active transportation, active living, urban planning. Including a mix of advocates, academics, researchers, practitioners, and many more perspectives.

Twitter’s documentation on how to use lists

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